Moving to a Better You




Recently Wildly Fit was invited to Truven Health to speak on fitness and making healthy choices with Truven employees.  We felt that the topic of discussion is one that we all should be reminded of often.  Below is a brief overview of what we discussed, we hope that it brings you some insight to keep moving and to get back to a better you!


Obesity is becoming the new “normal” in our society, but not according to our health system or industry.  Two thirds of Americans are overweight (10% higher than Normal) or obese  (10-20% higher than Normal).


How did we get here?


There are actually many barriers that can contribute to this problem, some of which are not controllable but many of which that are.  The major factors really stem from what we CAN control, which is our sedentary lifestyle we have created for ourselves.


On average, Americans take about 5,000 steps per day which is half of what we should be taking daily.  This could be due to more than 2 hours of TV time per day, longer days in the office, longer commutes, etc.  Whatever the reason, at the end of the day we need to find ways to sneak in those extra steps.  Examples include:


1. Find Mobility – Our bodies are made to be mobile, not to sit.  Throughout the

day make an effort to stand, stretch, turn, and bend.


2.  Go back to 1985 – Technology has made life too convenient in our work

setting where emailing, texting, instant messaging have become the

standard.  Try getting up and walking over to your co-workers desk.


3.  Take a stand – Phone calls give us a perfect time to stand up and MOVE!


The other controllable factor is our calories in vs. out balance.  If we are not moving like we should be, why are we continuing to consume like we are?


Finding the right calorie range may not be as easy as one thinks.  There are many tools out there that may give someone a rough estimate (Nutritional Apps, Weight Watchers, 1200 calorie theory).  Sure it may get you some results and start you on the right path, but does it provide the realistic picture and outcome that you were hoping for?


Wildly Fit believes in the science of nutrition and self-motivation.  Combining the science of nutrition, your lifestyle, any non-controllable barriers, and realistic goals is the real ticket to long-term success.  If you are interested in sitting down with one of our nutritionist and really discovering a new and better YOU, please feel free to email us at  First sessions are only $45.