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The warm weather has arrived and so has the itch to get back to your favorite fitness activities (running, golf, tennis, outdoor TRX :), etc.).  Before you get out there, be sure to prepare your body.  There is no truth behind the  “NO PAIN, NO GAIN” motto.  The real truth is that we need to build up our flexibility, endurance, and strength before diving in.


Tips on getting back into the game:


1. Start Slow

Take what you built up to last season and cut it by 50%.  Each week add 10% more intensity to the program/sport, and within a month you will be feeling back to your old fit self! For Example if you were running for 60 minutes last fall, start with a 30 minute run. Each week add 5-10 min more to your run.


2.  Warm-up, Cool down, and Flexibility 

These easily forgotten components of any fitness routine are some of the most valuable pieces you need.

Warm up (5-10 minutes), this helps our bodies rev up our cardiovascular systems and increases blood flow to our muscles.  Overall this helps reduce muscle soreness and risk of injury. Examples would be taking 5-minute brisk walk, dynamic stretches, and rotator cuff exercises.

Cool down (5-10 minutes), this allows our bodies to gradually reduce our heart rate, and pressure, which overall helps regulate our blood flow. Examples, dynamic stretching, 5 minute walk.


Flexibility (Stretching), this should be done when our bodies are warm, it should not be used for our warm-up phase.  Stretching also helps prevent muscle soreness and injury, but can really improve our range of motion, which can also help improve our overall athletic performance. Stretching should also be done either in a moving pattern or static, never in a bouncing motion.


Following these tips will help you get back into your favorite fitness routine in no time.

Delicious Spring Smoothie


To keep you hopeful of spring we’ve included a smoothie that is said to be great for headaches, and filled with great antioxidants.  ENJOY!



– 1 cup ice

– 2 cups diced pineapple

– 3-4 kale leaves

– 1 celery stick

– 1/2 cucumber

– 1/2 lemon squeezed

– 1/2 inch ginger root



1. Blend and Enjoy!


Calories: 170 calories, 45g carbs, 33g sugars


5 Tips to Keep You Motivated with Your Fitness Routine


Here are some tips to keep you motivated or to jumpstart your fitness routine!


1. Visualize It

Remember how fit and toned you looked last summer?  Grab a photo of yourself at your best, or maybe you visualize the opposite grab a photo of where you know you don’t want to be.  Take that photo and post it somewhere that you will see it daily to keep you going.


2. Post It

Social media is a great way to have your trainer, family, friends see what you’ve been up to and to check in about your workouts.  Not only does sharing your progress keep you accountable but it can really inspire others.


3.  Start Counting

You think you know, but do you really know what you are consuming on a daily basis?  Start writing your food and calories down. Logging shows us what’s really happening, and makes us think twice about making particular food choices.  An extra 50 calories per day that you may have forgot can really add up over time.


4.  Count Down

What are you working towards?  When do you want to reach your goal?  Pick a day and write it down and let the countdown begin.


5.  Find a Friend

Deep down everyone want to stay fit or be healthier.  Find a workout buddy, encourage each other to workout, you’ll keep each other inspired and more accountable.

Keeping Fitness New Year’s Resolutions


It’s mid January ALREADY!  How are those fitness New Year’s resolutions coming?  Have you started?

Starting next week?


Let me guess, this year you want to lose weight, eat healthier, start a

fitness routine?  All great intentions, and you are not alone.

Approximately 40% of Americans set these self-improvement goals. However, only 8% achieve it!

So what’s the secret behind actually making this your year and sticking to the resolutions that you set?


(Drum roll please….)


It’s changing the way we use our brains in making our goals work.


Make simple goals and make them attainable. In other words don’t pick an overwhelming goal with no end date, instead pick a simple goal ending in a short amount of time (no more than one month).


Below are some great examples to help retrain and rethink your brain into a successful 2014.


1. Original Goal:  I’m going to eat out less.

Simplify: I’m going to prepare and make dinner at home 4 nights a week.

Achievable:  I will shop every Sunday for the week so that I’m prepared for my meals.


2. Original Goal:  I’m going to lose weight this year.

Simplify:    I’m going to lose 2 pounds this month.

Achievable:  I will reduce my calories by 250 a day and will log my food.

1-2 per week and have my (coach, trainer, group, online) look at it.


3.  Original Goal:  I will implement a workout routine.

Simplify Goal:  I will start with 150 minutes exercise per week of moderate to vigorous


Achievable:  I will sign up for classes, schedule training session, workout with my  friend or group  to be held    accountable.


4.  Original Goal:  I will create a healthier lifestyle.

Simplify Goal:  I will drink half of my body weight in ounces of water a day.

Achievable:     I will start by adding 8 oz more water daily until I’ve reached my  number.


These are all achievable goals when you take a step back and simplify. There are also many helpful tools out there to help you track your goals. In our next blog entry, we will be reviewing the tools that can help you get it done. And remember, in the immortal words of Dr. Suess, “You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.”


Fitness Success – Meet Holly

Wildly Fit is very proud to introduce our client of the month Holly.  Holly is a long time client of group classes and personal training. Her  journey is inspiring to anyone who has battled weight loss.  Her success didn’t happen overnight, and like anyone she has had good days and bad.


Holly began this new chapter on May 9th 2011.  After adopting their third child, she realized she really needed to be a better example for her children and that her weight would eventually cause major health problems.  Since she began, Holly has lost a total of 87 pounds!  Yes thats her standing in one pant leg! She continues to push and set goals for herself that are realistic and achievable.  Her next goal is to complete her 2nd half marathon and to reduce 5% body fat.


Congratulations Holly on your accomplishments and keep kicking butt in and out of the gym.


An Interview with Holly


1.  How much weight have you lost overall and what was your starting date?

Overall, I’ve lost 87 pounds since 5/9/2011.  That wasn’t my highest weight, but that’s when I started this final journey.  I’ve lost about 101 lbs. from my highest weight.


2.  What made you decide…today is the day?

I didn’t really have an “ah-ha” moment like many people do.  As we adopted our third child, I realized I really needed to be a better example for my children. While I was a relatively healthy person, eventually my weight would have caused health problems.  After a 3 month maternity leave, living on caffeine and toaster waffles (what can I say, the boy wouldn’t sleep!) I decided to give it a shot.  Yes, I started this, 2.5 years ago, fully not expecting it to stick this time.


3.  Biggest accomplishment through this journey?

I’d have to say my biggest accomplishment has been completing my first half marathon.  I was never a runner, even as a kid.  Learning to run in my late 30’s was not easy and I’m certainly not fast.  A year and a half later, and I’m still working on it. I plan to complete my second half marathon next spring and hope to break the 2.5 hour mark this time.


4.  Favorite cheat meal?

Crispy Chicken Costoletta from the Cheesecake Factory. Followed by White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle cheesecake of course!


5.  Future Goal?

I’ve been working on strength training this year and hope to reduce my body fat by another 5% to 7% to reach my goal.


6.  Favorite Exercise Amy makes you do? Favorite to hate?

There are many, LOL. OK push-ups.  For some odd reason, I like them.  Negatives on the other hand…those should just be banned from existence.

Holly     Family 3

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