Wildly Fit is excited to announce that we will be the second site in Michigan offering a service titled FST (Fascial Stretching Therapy) . Amy Wilds recently spent time in Phoenix, Arizona with the Stretch To Win Institute, to learn this new innovative technique of stretching as she felt many of the clients at Wildly Fit were the perfect candidates.


What is FST?

FST is a painfree modality used to increase ROM (range of motion), relieve pain, tightness, and increase athletic performance. FST is an assisted stretching technique that is performed by a Certified Fascia Stretch Therapist. The stretching takes place on a treatment table with comfortable straps to stabilize the part of body not being worked on. This technique is using a combinations of PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation) as well as traction. Pain is never allowed and considered a negative response. The therapist will combined different techniques from the joint capsules in waves of movements targeting multiple angles to release, relax, and stretch the tissues and fibers.

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