Brad Ashby

Brad has always been fascinated with health and human performance.  Growing
up, he played a variety of sports and throughout his youth he was
instructed and coached by others who preached the phrase  “no pain, no
gain”! Unfortunately, this methodology still exists far too often and too
many young men and women are dealing with potentially life altering
injuries or are on the brink of injuring themselves.  After dealing with
lower back pain for many years from being coached through these methods, he
realized that he needed to learn the methods and techniques to enhance the
human body the correct way.

Six years ago Brad received his first personal training certification and
since then he has been on a mission to master and apply eastern and western
techniques that range from physical therapy to high athletic performance.
Brad also completed his bachelors of science coursework at Eastern Michigan
University, in the exercise physiology program. Brad also recently received
his Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) certification
through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA).

Brad’s passion is to ensure that each of his clients leave feeling, living,
and moving better than the time before.
Brad has had experience working with clientele ranging from traumatic brain
injury, physical therapy, both men and women of various ages whom are
looking to get into shape, as well as improving sport performance in elite
athletes. His goal as a professional is to promote a healthy way of life to
all clientele and to give each client the satisfaction and comfort to
communicate and work together to accomplish the goals they are looking for.
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