Don’t Starve…EAT!



We know that swimsuit season is around the corner, but that doesn’t mean thats it’s time to over do cardio and deprive ourselves of calories. Not feeding your body the nutrients it needs causes your body to start shutting down, which in turn stops burning fat.


Don’t Waste Your Workout

Not eating before your workout will limit your ability to burn calories and maintain intensity.  If you are not feeding your muscles post workout you are unable to have the building blocks for recovery.


Pre-Workout Tips

Feed your body glucose (the preferred energy source).  Fat takes 4-6 hours to digest, 3 hours for protein, and 2 hours for carbohydrates.


Examples of Good Carbohydrate Pre-Workout Foods:

– Fruit (banana, apple)

– Yogurt and fruit

– Wildly Fit’s Top Notch power bars….YUM!


Post Workout Tips


The most important meal, besides breakfast, that you can eat. Post workout meals provides energy to recover and to help re-build what was broken down during training.  Research proves eating carbs and protein within 15-60 minutes of your workout will replenish glycogen stores and increase protein synthesis (building lean muscle).


Example of Post Workout Foods

– Greek yogurt + Fruit

– Daryl Bars (Wildly Fit has you covered)

– Protein Shake + Fruit